Kicked Out Of The Sky
By: Matt Bachman
A place to create, a place to express my musical self. Feeling both deep fervor and loathing of the creative process of delving into my psyche and letting the inner moods, emotions and demons come out to play. I have fiddled, floundered and fallen as an artist for many moons and the undulating task at hand has led me in many exciting, disastrous endeavors, that make me scratch my ass, then my head and ponder as to why the fuck I am involved in this sadistic, masochistic, wonderfully gratifying illusionistic art form called musical creation. Once down, the only solution for me, is to pick myself up and continue formulating, chords, passions and gestures through this narcissistic, egotistic platform. I find myself in moments of pure bliss, then in complete blackness. Kicked Out Of The Sky was established in 2020, it enables me, to release my musical creations, insanities and blunders, that I am sharing with you, under this band name.
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